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Grassy ass!!!!

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I don't mind getting thanks for favs. Go ahead and 'spam' my page. I don't care, and I certainly won't bite! :heart:

Evidently though, leaving thank you comments in a comment section is a HUGE rage-inducing no-no to some deviants, ( I shudder to think how far off the deep end a real life tragedy would send some of these people) so to be safe, I have chosen to thank people here for any favs given me.

So . . .if you have favorited any of my work, given me a llama or are just visiting my page, THANK YOU, I appreciate it.



Little Zeb by Y-eskii-lass
Little Zeb
 If looks could kill!!!His mom and dad always knew he'd be a handful . . . I love drawing baby aliens, 'cause it's fun to imagine how certain beings started out in life. Little Zeb will eventually grow into those feet, lose that natal ruff on his head (if he indeed ever had hair) and become a badass stormtrooper bashing machine.

Garazeb Orrelios -Star wars Rebels- Disney
no breakfast for me by Y-eskii-lass
no breakfast for me
 First quickie sketch of bush-baby tiger gecko Zeb. If you've seen SW Rebels- Out of Darkness, you'll probably get the waffle thing. If not, sorry. I know, dumb. Loth cat doesn't care. Wants cat food.
I do declare, it is simply atrocious not to keep up one's journal. Where the heck have I been? Here, there and nowhere. Bursting aflame and blowing into corners as ash. I'm a nervous wire, waiting for an approval from my insurance company so I can have the first—and hopefully last—surgery of my life. Hope they don't wait too long. But, counting backwards from ten and then going nighty-night scares the piss out of me, so stalling doesn't sound so bad. 

Writing happens to me in fast and slow spurts. Right now it's fast. I'm re-writing, filling my walls with chapter illustrations, none of which are good enough for DA. I think. I don't know. I haven't uploaded anything in so long I'm gun shy.

I am an avid fish-mom now. That is, I am the mother of many fish. African cichlids and the occupants of a small reef tank. The brittle star, who eats and defecates out of his mouth—I know you all needed to know that—is now the diameter of a dinner plate. I'm still a volunteer (or docent) for the Friends of the Elephant Seal in San Simeon California. I have a jacket with a cool state parks patch, which makes me feel all Ranger-Rick and shit. All this plus that awful thing called work keeps me out of trouble.

And, just when I though Star Wars wouldn't hook me again, I am introduced to 'Rebels' which, in my opinion, feels a lot more like the Star Wars of my old-ass youth than the Clone Wars ever did. I totally dig Zeb, of course. A tall bald alien with a beard and pointed ears? Yes, if you know me, that's right up my alley. The droid Chopper is hilarious too, cause he's a cranky bastard, unlike Artoo who is perpetually chipper. Well, gotta go look at some more lovely art.
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